Jermell De’Avante Charlo,  is an American professional boxer who has held the WBC middleweight title since 2016. He has been seen around with Chris Brown, and we’re told that they will be working on a few new projects in the near future. His identical twin brother, Jermall Charlo, is also a professional boxer. For the past year he has been engaged and living with Christina Rogers. You may recognize this Author, Singer, and Owner of from Instagram where her and her sister Ciera have been making a mark of their own.

On, Christina talks about her relationship with the boxer and the physical incident that caused her to quickly leave their home in Houston, end her pregnancy, and move back to California with her sister.

Read her interview below


In the beginning, what were things like? Can you tell us about how you two met and what the original dynamic of your relationship was? What were some of the things that made it easy to fall for him?

In the beginning of our relationship, things were exciting as ever. I was in a place where I needed what he offered and I felt like I was making the right decisions because it was “ok’d” by God. That reason was for a reason other than what I understood at that time. We moved so fast because it felt comfortable and we both wanted the same thing. He was so charismatic, had his career together, ambitious, competitive and he was so fine!

After moving home, you two purchased a house together. You’d found someone you were crazy about, fallen in love and now had a home. Did you feel you were living in a fairy tale?

I definitely didn’t feel like I was living in a fairytale because once we moved together I began to see the real deal in him. He and his immediate family would demean me because I wasn’t a housekeeper (to their standards). I was more of a money maker, go getter and hustler so I didn’t have time to stay at home all day and clean up. This made it hell to live in that house.

What red flags came up early on in your relationship that you feel like you ignored?

The first red flag was his anger outburst a few months into our relationship. I didn’t think it would be a normal occurance so I let it slide. After that, it worsened of course and after every outburst there was growth which made me believe that he was getting better as a man. This was only a cover up for what the real issue was though. Once again my hope in him masked the dangerous truth.

Your relationship eventually began to take a toll on your business, your personal relationships with friends and family and how you felt about yourself. Talk about the things that suffered because you put your relationship first.

Even though I was close to home, I wasn’t able to live freely. I could rarely see my friends without an argument, he rarely let my mother come over because in the beginning of our relationship she let him know that he wasn’t accepted for his behavior. We argued so much about my friends and family because he was so disrespectful. I couldn’t post freely on social media without an argument. Keep in mind it was and continues to be my livelihood. If my picture was too “sexy” then he would say the strangest things like, “I see you out here showin’ your pussy.” Now that I look back at the situation I think, “IT’S MY BODY. I’LL SHOW IT IF I WANT!” Aside from all that, my self esteem was shattered.

All of your moments weren’t horrible and there were obvious things about your relationship that made you love him. What were some of the positives that overpowered the negative?

He was just like me business wise and that was attractive. I appreciated his willingness to try to be better whenever I had a problem with something and I loved the image of perfection that we had from the outside looking in. It was something I wanted but on the inside it was the total opposite.


Before the abuse became physical, there was several instances of emotional and verbal abuse. Were you ever afraid that things would get physical?

I never in 100 years could guess that he would have become abusive. When it happened, I was in shock. I had to ask myself if it really happened. I had to ask his assistant if it really happened. I had to ask him if it really happened. I was in disbelief and I was terrified at the same time. Right before it happened I told him that he was going to ruin himself.

You found out you were pregnant, how did you feel? Was it planned, were you frightened, was there excitement, was it made out of love?

We planned the pregnancy and when the test was positive I was happy, but scared. I began mentally preparing for it and I told my mother and of course friends and family. We both were happy about it but things went downhill once I began experiencing normal first trimester symptoms. He stressed me out, he wasn’t understanding, he was angry, upset, disliked that I was tired as hell and I couldn’t confide in him. When I heard the heartbeat at the doctors office I cried because I had never heard anything like it. When the nurse left he was angry and asked why I was crying. His inability to have a heart in certain situations was horrible. I felt alone and like I was doing it all alone.

The night of the incident that caused your split, tell us what happened.

The night of the incident he became extremely belligerent and unable to identify with why he was even angry in the first place. He was rambling and making accusations and we began to argue. When I stopped arguing it made him even angrier. By the time we reached home he was screaming in my ear. His assistant finally spoke up but did nothing else to help me. When he got out the car to take my wallet, keys and phone I tried to stop him which led to him punching me in the face. He also burst my lip which drew blood. After the incident he felt no remorse and was even still angry.


What’s been the most difficult part of your healing process since moving back to LA?

Having to end my pregnancy was the hardest thing to heal from because I had a connection with my kid and even named “her”. I’m still dealing with emotions from it. Everything else is just there lingering in the air for now. I will deal with it just how I know… prayer has been my best friend and God has been my everything through this.

How has starting all over again made you feel? Empty or invincible?

I felt empty in the beginning because I literally lost everything I had except my life and immediate important things but now I feel invincible and like I need to speak up and be the person God put me here to be. I know there’s a female out there who needs me and it’s been my passion to motivate and encourage women because we are not treated well on this earth. Woman is strong and woman needs to know that.

What do you want women to take from what you’ve gone through?

I want my situation to help women understand how powerful they are. We don’t need to depend on a man because sometimes they have their best interest at heart. We love hard and we fall harder but when we get back up it’s gonna be a problem for everyone who’s involved.