Comparisons to Queen Bey may be the highest form of flattery for some, but not all the comments are butterflies and rainbows. Brittany’s been called everything from the “Alternative Beyoncé” to the “$1 Menu Beyoncé.” Not exactly the feedback you’d expect when resembling a mega-celebrity who’s graced the covers of the world’s biggest fashion and beauty mags.

Most of the dragging seems to come from people thinking that she purposely tries to play twinsies with Beyoncé, even accusing her of using makeup and weave to enhance her outer Yoncé, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Actually, I do not wear a lot of makeup. I hate to look drastically different from my natural self. I keep it simple.” As for her hair, she says, “Some people assume I wear weave to look like her, but most of the pictures that I post online are with no weave. I naturally have long, thick hair. Weave is a choice for me.”


Brittany works for a Fortune 500 company as a production planner and in her free time enjoys writing. She’s also passionate about singing, dancing acting and modeling, which is pretty evident with a quick scroll through her Instagram. She may have a lot in common with Bey, but as far as the “Alternative Beyoncé” remarks go, she hasn’t given them much thought.


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