The Carters are house-hunting. When you’re hip-hop’s reigning power couple, where do you look to hang your hat? A house fit for royalty, of course.

And that’s just what they’re browsing. The Carters reportedly made a visit to The Manor. Yes, an estate with a proper name and its own Wikipedia page. The Manor was once home to the Spelling family, who back in the day quite literally ran Hollywood. Aaron Spelling was a television producer who blessed us with popular shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 (in which his daughter, Tori, starred) and 7th Heaven. So, naturally, the Carters are looking to make a bid on this palatial estate.

This house is unlike any other. It boasts THREE rooms specifically designed for gift-wrapping, as well as a room specifically designed to be a doll museum. (We’re sure Blue was pleased with this.) Candy Spelling invited People magazine to photograph the house prior to selling it — you’ll want to see all the insane photos, here.